Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Love List, Take 2

I posted a similar entry over the summer, but now it's winter and I'm in love all over again.

I love the spirit in the air. I love when people tell me to have a nice holiday as we say goodbye. I love holiday commercials, especially the ones that remind me of being a kid. I love the cheeseburger combo at Cafe 59; steak fries, a cheeseburger, pickle and a drink for $5.25. I love watching snow fall. I love leaving the warmth of a building and seeing everything blanketed in snow. I love seeing people walking around the city with bags in both hands, filled with presents. I love snowflakes cut out of white sheets of paper. I love bokeh light pictures. I love that Market Street is decorated with lights and each tree is covered in ornaments. I love defrosting on the El on my way to work. I love taking a shower at night, shaving my legs, covering myself in lotion and going to sleep against cold sheets. I love sales. I love having money to spend at those sales. I love seeing old friends or coworkers and being genuinely happy to see them. I love the newest layout of my living room. I love coming home from work and finally feeling like I'm home. I love giant, traditional C7 Christmas lights like my Grandparents used to put up. I love turtleneck sweaters and being able to wear my scarves. I love walking into a warm room and having to catch my breath from the cold. I love my tube socks. I love gloves that go up to my elbows. I love shopping for shoes that are lined with fur. I love having a fake tree in my living room. I love that on Saturday, my apartment will be filled with people I love.

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DFV said...

I'm going to attempt to make an awesome dip. If I fail at that, I'll bring an awesome store bought dip. ;)