Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stupid Cupid

Listening to: The Lemonheads "Into Your Arms" - click for youtube link.

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I was at Walgreen's today and I walked down the Valentine's Day aisle. This is the "holiday" I dread. I've had one memorable boyfriend on Valentine's Day. I'm not including my first boyfriend in this count because that love was the infatuation you have before you fall into the kind of love that smashes your heart into a million pieces.

Two years ago, my boyfriend at the time wanted to surprise me with a lovely bouquet of flowers at work. He called ahead of time and had them delivered to the office address in Old City, Philadelphia. I remember this so vividly because Mother Nature was kind enough to blanket Philadelphia with a few inches of snow and ice the day before V-Day. I went to work that day in hopes of hearing a random UPS/Fed-Ex driver call my name out over the call center voices. This never happened though.

The receptionist at the other Old City location refused to sign the slip for the flowers and told the delivery person that they could find me, "around the corner". The flowers never arrived. Do you know how difficult it is to contact a representative at on Valentine's Day? Well because my boyfriend had band practice that night, I had to spend 4 hours on hold trying to get a refund for the undelivered bouquet.

Two years later and I'm still bitter about it.

Deep breath.

This year, I will not be looking for flowers, I will not be expecting chocolates and I definitely don't want to be kissed. I'll enjoy putting Valentine's Day cards at the desks of the coworkers who makes me smile. I might even make a mix to listen to while I cut out the heart shaped sugar cookies I plan on baking.

Flowers die eventually anyway.


Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Followed you over from Flickr. Great shot - better, by far, than any card at Walgreens!
Enjoy your cookies!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

If I was your boyfriend I'd shower you with flowers this year on Valentine's day.