Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jake & Max's

I was wowed by the sign that showed Salad $3.99. The individual toppings, as cheap as $.40 were almost too good to be true. As a friend walked the length of the counter, pointing out what she wanted added to her salad bowl, I was eager to do that same.

Every topping in a separate container, looking fresher than Subway could ever be. I slowly walked along the counter, touch the glass and pointing to what I wanted.

Spinach leaves. Shredded cheese. Corn. Cucumber. No, no cucumbers. Tomatoes. Mushrooms. Chicken. Thousand Island. Except they didn't have any. Weird! Ranch dressing instead!

Jake & Max's

So beautiful. So delicious.

So EXPENSIVE. $.40 adds up, especially when the chicken cost $1.75! Total for my delicious meal? $8.50

Spinach was a bad choice. My mouth tasted like it was lined with fuzz afterward.

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