Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Maybe I Should Buy a Bike

It took me an hour and a half to get home from work tonight.

Police activity at Somerset station caused delays. Then a fire at Girard caused major delays. I got to 15th Street and saw this. Commuters packed on the platform, waiting for the 69th Street El. On my side, a train sitting quietly on the tracks.

Once on the train, we crawled from station to station. Not a word from the conductor as to why things were moving so slowly. After leaving 2nd Street, we arrived at Spring Garden. From the conductor, we finally hear, "Listen up, listen up, listen up passengers! Due to a situation at Girard, Spring Garden will be our last stop. There will be shuttle buses waiting for you when we get to Spring Garden." He never mentioned where the shuttle buses would be taking us. He also didn't take into consideration that the 5 bus, which departs from 2nd Street, is also headed towards the Frankford Transportation Center.

Once at Spring Garden, I found myself in the middle of this:

Septa commuters.

Everyone attempting to exit Spring Garden, meanwhile this station only has one turnstile. It was then that I decided to get back on the West bound train, in hopes of catching the 6:38pm 5 bus. We arrived back at 2nd Street at 6:33pm. This gave me enough time to make it up the stairs to catch my bus. I stood at 2nd Street until 7:05pm. This is when I gave up on SEPTA and called a friend for a ride home.

I understand that things happen. All I'm asking for it better communication between SEPTA and it's commuters. Have announcements at each station, letting passengers know about the delay and the shuttle buses. Don't wait until we're pulling into the last stop to tell us that it's going to be the last stop. Give us time to prepare, time to figure out another way home. Please.


Phillybits said...

I know this feeling all too well.

Kelly said...

i agree with the heading of your post... get the bike! it will save you endless amounts of frustration. it's so freeing to not be tied to septa's "schedule".