Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Summer, Where Are You?

All I want to do this summer is drink beers on a roof. I'd like to be able to see the city skyline from whichever roof I end up on, but it's not a necessity. While having dinner with Amanda on Tuesday, she told me that she has roof access and can make my summertime dreams come true. I took some time away from my very busy work schedule today, to come up with some new goals.

Lay a blanket on the grass and sip a Slurpee.
Take sunrise photographs while standing barefoot on the beach.
Meet good people and make friends with them.
Spend less time interneting and more time outside.
Consume hundreds of soft serve ice cream cones.
Drink on my stoop even though I live in Fishtown.
Dance enough to break a sweat.
Dip corn dogs in ketchup and then eat them. Finish one and repeat.
Have my shoes off whenever possible.

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