Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Resurrection Plant

My Gram bought me a Resurrection Plant a few months ago. I put the box on top of my fridge and completely forgot to "plant" it, until last night.

In one bag are rocks, the other bag is the plant. Wash off out the bowl, rinse off the rocks, wet the plant and then put the rocks and plant in the bowl. Fill the bowl with water and then it looks like this.

An hour later it started to bloom. I woke up this morning and it looked like this.

Everyday, for a week, the plant needs to be rinsed as well as the rocks and new water needs to be added to the bowl. From there, I can either allow the plant to dry out, or I can keep it moist. She claims I won't be able to kill this plant. I have my fingers crossed.


DFV said...

Holy Moly!

Phillybits said...

If you're looking for something that won't die, you could've just gotten a spider plant.