Friday, January 23, 2009

I miss the rental.

My good friend Ryan was in town for a few days on business. It's becoming tradition that we take a road trip when he's in Philadelphia. Since he travels so often, the cost of a rental is usually around $2 because he just cashes in all of his... whatevers. I don't remember what he called them. Points? Maybe.

Last night, he rented us a 2008 Jetta. Since we work for the same company, I'm able to drive the car under the insurance. Or something like that. Either way, it makes life a lot easier since I don't have to shout directions and he doesn't have to dodge Center City cabs. For the record, I had to dodge 2 last night and 1 of them came really close to hitting us.

We decided to drive to KB Toys so that he could find some collectible cars that only KB Toy stores carry. Since they're going out of business, the cars are costing him $1.33 each. Since everything in the store was 60% off, I couldn't help but pick through the piles.

I found fart machines. Remote control fart machines for $9.99. Price at the register? $1.99 I wanted to buy the whole box. Ryan tried to discreetly aim the fart machine at a group of teenagers as we walked past them, but since it was still in it's case, it wasn't very loud. It was a hit in the office today though. Farts are funny.

We left and went to the Cheesecake Factory. The luxury of having a vehicle cannot be appreciated until you've had to rely on public transportation for a long period of time. A long period of time being at least one month. It was so lovely to drive up to King of Prussia, go on a hunt for collectible cars and return to my apartment safely.

I really miss the rental.

Even though the drivers seat was one of the most uncomfortable and unpleasant seats I have ever sat in. Even after several adjustments, my ass was just too wide for me.

Tonight, after having a drink with friends, I ventured home. I left Oscar's and walked to 13th & Market to catch the bus. I only had to wait a few minutes before the 48 arrived. I got on the bus at 9:01pm. I didn't have my 5 bus schedule with me, but I guessed that the next bus would be leaving Old City (5 minutes away) at 9:18pm. A few blocks away from where I would catch the 5 bus, I decided to get off the 48 and enjoy the weather by walking the rest of the way.

I was only a block away as I watched the 5 bus pull out and leave at 9:08pm. I guessed wrong.

I waited patiently for the next 5 bus, which didn't arrive until 9:38pm. I got on and at 9:42pm I was finally headed home. Tonight I wore a white coat, which I'm very aware of especially when riding Septa. I held the back of the coat up, scooted into the seat, and smashed my head on the overhead light. I sat down, closed my eyes and sighed.

We passed an accident on 3rd near Spring Garden. A girl crashed into the side of a white 4-door sedan. No one was hurt, they were both standing outside on their cellphones. I hate seeing accidents though. A few blocks later and we were on Girard. Under the El, the bus stopped to pick up some passengers. I thud caught my attention and I looked up in time to see a very intoxicated man lying face down next to the driver. Guess he didn't know you had to step UP onto the bus. He stayed on for 2 blocks.

I'm glad to be home. I really missed the rental.

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